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Interface Tailoring Optimization technology of glass fiber cement interface
Because the surface of the glass fiber is very smooth, the transition zone of the glass fiber cement interface is the weakest link in the ordinary HRC, and the AR fiber can only play 14.3% of its strength. Interface theory: glass fiber cement interface binding force is too weak when the load, a large number of fibers will be pulled out, the strength of HRC is very low; but if the binding force is too strong, the fiber surface stress concentration, resulting in damage to the fiber, brittle material, not only reduce the strength and reduce the plastic. Only HRC with moderate interfacial bonding ability can show high strength and high toughness. The interface optimization involves many problems, such as the matching of raw materials, the setting of process methods and parameters, the effect of production environment and conditions.
Uniform fiber dispersion technology
Glass fiber is a key technology for manufacturing high quality HRC with uniform and good weaving shape and orientation. HRC is an essential condition to ensure the homogeneity, if the local fiber content is too low, or winding clusters will seriously affect the quality of HRC, or even a security accident. Through the combination of chemical dispersant and mechanical dispersion technology, a very good uniform dispersion effect was obtained. To ensure the stability and reliability of the final product.