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Division I GRG gypsum using international ASTM standard wet production, raw materials used in the power plant desulfurization gypsum, which is also in line with our company has been adhering to the concept of green. Since the establishment of our factory through the 3 technical innovation, now fully automated production machinery, so in the same industry also reflects the obvious advantages, the specific advantages are as follows:
Raw material advantage
Good Shepard GRG is used by the GRG international standard wet production of gypsum powder, the so-called wet production refers to gypsum powder production by distillation method, the method for constant temperature production, stable production quality of gypsum. General company is used in the production of alpha gypsum by dry method, dry production refers to the production of gypsum powder by the way of speculation, the method is difficult to control the production temperature, resulting in the quality of gypsum powder is not stable. Gypsum powder produced by dry process, the need to add chemical agent, directly lead to GRG dry and wet instability, easy to crack deformation. In addition, the addition of chemical additives will have a direct impact on the quality of the fiber, reduce the strength of the fiber and shorten the service life of the fiber. So as to shorten the service life of GRG products, in the course of the use of security risks.
In terms of fiber, the valley is the use of the world's top ranked Owens Raikkonen company (OwensCorning) production of glass fiber (Cem-FIL fiber).
Two, production process advantages
The traditional GRG plate making links are carried out by hand, a layer of gypsum, a layer of fiber, by way of stacking layers to produce GRG, the accuracy of the material is poor, low production efficiency, quality is not stable, easy to layer. Guangzhou Valley Shep company GRG produced by national patent has homogeneous injection production process, increase cutting precision, stable and controllable ratio of fiber and gypsum, and gypsum fiber and can more close together, the intensity is significantly higher than traditional manufacturing process GRG interlayer.
Three, mold production advantage
The GRG of each project is a non-linear customized products, so the GRG mold production is also a very important part of GRG production. Guangzhou Valley has a mold carving processing center, is the world's most advanced CNC machining equipment, can be processed to produce any shape of the mold, and to ensure that the error is less than 0.01mm. The traditional three-dimensional machine is the production of the mold through layers of superposition, a mold of the opposite sex is likely to need to be processed by many times, for the accuracy of the mold and the shape of poor control.
With the need for large scale nonlinear GRG market building, Guangzhou Valley de Pu research and development of GRG to build the whole model patent technology. Nearly one hundred square meters of the overall surface model can be integrated into the mold and the production of products, greatly providing the error compensation function, to ensure the integrity of the overall product modeling and precision.
Guangzhou Valley Shep company uses the same material and production process of GRG powder by special repair in GRG seam processing, make the material seamless splicing. Ordinary GRG enterprises often use surface putty approach to wet and dry heat expansion joints, gypsum putty and GRG ratio is not the same, easy to produce cracks.
Four, the installation of patents.
Install the GRG link in the construction of Guangzhou Valley, Shep has developed and obtained "glass fiber reinforced gypsum construction with hanging device", "glass fiber reinforced gypsum board ceiling connecting structure", "glass fiber reinforced gypsum building seamless structure" and a number of utility model patents. The construction and installation is simple, mechanical optimization, safety and quality assurance.


Five, glass fiber reinforced gypsum board GD-GRG (product use of the ten major advantages)
GRG is a kind of pre cast new decorative material which is made of natural gypsum as base material, special glass fiber reinforced with gypsum and additive of environmental protection. This material can be made into a variety of flat plate, a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic modeling, is currently the world's most popular building decoration materials replacement products. The company in the first successful development of this product, and gradually improve the supporting production, installation system. 2009 began to replace foreign GRG, ending the situation of China's long-term dependence on imports of GRG. According to the company's research and practice, as well as foreign research literature shows that the GRG material as a new type of renovation of building materials, it has the following ten advantages and characteristics:
1, no deformation. Because the GRG material gypsum without any corrosion of glass fiber, and the dry shrinkage rate of less than 0.01%, so it can ensure that the product performance is stable, durable, no cracking, no deformation, long service life.
2, light quality. GRG product plane part of the standard thickness of 3.2 to 8.8mm (special requirements can be thickened), per square meter weight of only 4.9 to 9.8kg, can reduce the main building weight and component load.
3, high strength. The experimental results show that the fracture load of GRG products is greater than 1200N, which is more than 10 times that of the international JC/T799-1998 (1996) decorative gypsum plate fracture load 118N.
4, will breathe. GRG board is a kind of plate with a large number of micro porous structure. In the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release water. When the indoor temperature is high, the humidity is small, the plate gradually releases the moisture in the micropore; when the indoor temperature is low, the humidity is big when it can absorb the moisture in the air. This release and breath form the so-called "breath"; effect. This cycle of moisture absorption and moisture release plays a role in regulating the relative humidity of the room, creating a comfortable microclimate for the working and living environment.
5, fire. GRG belongs to the A level fireproof material, when the fire occurs, in addition to its flame retardant, it can release the equivalent of 15% of its weight to 20% moisture, can greatly reduce the ignition temperature, reduce fire losses.
6, environmental protection. The GRG material has no odor, and the limit of the radioactive nuclide conforms to the standard of class a decorative material specified in GB6566-2001. And can be recycled, is a green material.
7, good acoustic effect. The results show that: the 4mm thick GRG material, through the loss of 500Hz 23d, 100Hz 27db, air dry weight of 1.75, in line with the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. After a good design, may constitute a good sound absorption structure, sound insulation, sound-absorbing effect at.
8, short processing cycle. GRG product release time is only 30 minutes, drying time is only about 4 hours. Therefore, the construction period can be shortened greatly.
9, convenient construction. GRG according to the designer's design, arbitrary shape, can block production, segmentation. The field processing performance is good, the installation is quick, flexible, can carry on the large area seamless to fight together, forms the complete modelling. In particular, the hole, arc, angle and other nuances, to ensure that there is no error.
10, material surface smooth, delicate. Whiteness reaches more than 85%, and can be good and all kinds of paint and finish materials bonded, forming excellent decorative effect.
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