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Any using the form rich cast type processing technology of the product can be customized GRG single surface, hyperboloid, covering a variety of three-dimensional geometry, hollow pattern, embossed in any art form, give full play to the design.
High strength, light weight - GRG product bending strength of Mpa20-25 (ASTMD790-2002 test method). The tensile strength reaches Mpa8-15 (ASTMD256-2002 test mode, and the standard thickness of 6-8mm thick plate is only 6-9kg/m2, which can meet the needs of large plate ceiling partition, and reduce the weight of the main body and the component load.
No deformation, no cracking, out of material plaster low coefficient of thermal expansion and dry shrinkage rate of less than 0.01%, the GRG product is not affected by the environment of cold and hot, dry and wet deformation, stable performance, no deformation. Unique cloth fiber processing technology make products not cracking and long service life.
The acoustic reflection properties of GRG with acoustic reflection of good performance, the Tongji Institute of acoustics test: GRG board 30mm monolithic weight 48kg, acoustic reflection coefficient R = 0.97, in line with the professional requirements for acoustic reflection, theatre, music hall acoustic acoustic hall.
The utility model has the advantages of thin wall, light weight, high strength and non combustibility (class a fireproof material), and can adjust the humidity of the indoor environment, so as to achieve a comfortable living environment. The utility model has the advantages of high strength, high hardness and good flexibility