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Color HRC, that is, with a decorative GRC.
The finishing layer and the GRC fiber reinforced layer are formed at one time. The color decorative surface layer is formed by adding pigment, color aggregate and additive, and a specific manufacturing process through the GRC ingredients.
A kind of material to express the designer's imagination through modeling, texture, texture and color.
1 avoid dust and stains: can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sandstone wall background but also to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is a soft brush, because the device may scratch the hard sandstone.
2 installed as soon as possible after sealing: protective layer sealing can act as sandstone background wall, to prevent dirt and stains into and within the sandstone water evaporation, because the chemical reaction in the air and it may damage the sandstone wall.
3 do not touch the oil: because oil or dirt will cause the sandstone background wall dyeing, if exposed to should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid being absorbed sandstone.
4 avoid the use of ceramic tile cleaning agent: ceramic tile cleaning agent will make the wall tiles should be cleaned with a clean soft cloth and warm water, often wipe can prevent the deposition of harmful chemicals.