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HRC material composition
Cement: usually used in HRC
Alkali resistant glass fiber AR
The main cement rapid hardening sulphoaluminate cement and low alkalinity sulphoaluminate cement, Portland cement, white Portland cement.
Fiber materials used in HRC fiber must be alkali resistant glass fiber, including the type of alkali resistant glass fiber roving, chopped glass fiber yarn, alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth. Europe and the United States require the use of GRC glass fiber zirconia content of not less than 16.5%, China requires the use of ordinary portland cement zirconia content of not less than 16.5%.
Polymer: usually added to the polymer is acrylic emulsion, that is, acrylic copolymer emulsion.
Admixture: usually selectively adding superplasticizer, superplasticizer, retarder, early strength agent, antifreeze, anti rust agent and other additives containing products: when the steel reinforcement or steel embedded parts, do not use calcium chloride based additives.
Hrc production process
There are many types of glass fiber reinforcement,
HRC production process
For example, the short cut fiber yarn, continuous fiber roving, fiberglass mesh, chopped fiber mat, different types of glass fiber mixed into cement matrix in different ways, the same type of glass fiber mixed into cement matrix method is not exactly the same. The addition of glass fiber and the use of the glass fiber reinforced cement composite material has a great influence on the mechanical properties. This is the formation of a variety of fabrication process of glass fiber reinforced cement composite materials, such as injection process, injection process, premixed premixed pouring technology, injection molding technology, network technology, winding process etc.. Each production process has its own characteristics, suitable for the production of different products, of course, the equipment used is also different.
1, injection process
The injection process is the earliest and most widely used method for the manufacture of HRC products, including manual and automatic injection. In early 1970s the British Institute of Building Research (BRE) was the first to use this method to manufacture glass fiber reinforced cement (HRC) products. Whether manual or mechanical spray, spray process needs to be specially trained operators and special equipment. Whether the operation method is correct or not has a great influence on the strength and durability of HRC products. For the injection process, the glass fiber is randomly distributed in the cement mortar, the effective utilization rate of the fiber is high, and the physical properties of the product are better.
2, premixing process
The premixing process is to combine the chopped glass fiber and the cement mortar matrix to form a uniform glass fiber cement mixture, and then make the product by pouring or spraying. According to the different forming methods, the pre mixing process can be divided into pre mixed pouring process and premixed injection process. Pre mixing process is similar to the process of precast concrete products, often in the pouring process of vibration.