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      Guheng group is a set of product development, design, manufacturing, sales, construction in one of the diversified enterprises, under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou Guheng building materials Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Valley Shepard new building materials Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Yu Sheng decoration engineering limited company three subsidiary company, mainly engaged in GRG, HRC, FRP 3D, R & D, art background wall and transparent cement decoration products production, sales and installation services.
Guangzhou Guheng building materials limited company belongs to Guheng group, founded in 2009, has a professional design team and product innovation, deepen a rich experience, high-quality sales team, marketing and sales mainly engaged in "Gu de Shepard" brand GRG, HRC, FRP engineering products and "art style" brand 3D background wall, transparent cement art ornaments Jiezhuang series of products, solutions and deepening design and other related business.
Guangzhou valley of the new building materials Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Heng Heng Group, is a professional engaged in the development of new building materials and decorative materials production and management of enterprises. The company specializing in the production of "Gu de Shepard" brand pre casting glass fiber reinforced gypsum board (GRG) series of products, pre casting glass fiber high strength cement board (HRC) series of products, 3D art background wall and transparent cement art ornaments and other products. The company covers an area of about more than 7 thousand square meters, In the GRG/HRC raw materials never Chong excellent, all the domestic and foreign high strength of a modified white gypsum and Holland al Bo Poland white cement。
Guangzhou Yu Sheng decoration Engineering Co. Ltd. as Guheng Group subsidiary, mainly engaged in "Gu de Shepard" brand GRG, "Gu de Shepard" brand HRC and "Yi Feng" brand art background wall product project management and construction services, customer service and other related business.
The company has a mature product development system, advanced production technology, strong sales network, high quality construction team, can provide further drawings from design, construction and installation for customers, a complete set of services to the production system.
The group has completed the ASEAN (Liuzhou) International Exhibition Center, Guangzhou Science City Vtron Innovation Park office building, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport terminal, Huadu Wanda Group sales exhibition center, beauty center world real estate marketing in Chenzhou, Jinggangshan city hall, Jinggangshan City Center Opera House, poly City Garden private club, agile Gold Coast, Yanling and a Kokusai Hotel Guangzhou, circular building, Guangzhou dayilong Exhibition Center, Guangzhou International Animation Exhibition Center, Guangzhou East Plaza, Foshan Dongping square, Guizhou Junpo Kokusai Hotel, Xi'an Lido International Club, Qinghai Sanpu pharmaceutical, Zhengzhou International Airport Terminal two, Lanzhou Grand Theatre... Etc.... Hundreds of large public buildings in complicated shapes and various functions GRG/HRC project.
Company to a first-class management, first-class service, first-class quality, first-class performance, won the high praise from the construction unit, design units and engineering general contractor! Become the only one of the large airport project GRG decoration project designated service providers!
We are not the first domestic enterprises, is not the largest domestic enterprises, but we can confidently say that we are one of the most professional companies in the industry! We cherish every opportunity to participate, every time you smile, is our best encouragement!
Professional, attentive, focused! This is our consistent business philosophy!